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Comments and reviews on Gaziantep vs Besiktas, 00:30 March 12

According to many experts, the success or failure of this upcoming appearance may be determined by just one successful shot.

Comments and reviews on Gaziantep vs Besiktas, 00:30 March 12

Turkish National Championship football odds analysis March

12, 202 4 00 :30 Asian odds 0.90 : 1/2: 0 : 0.97  

European odds 3.38 : 3.44 : 1.95 

Over/Under odds 0.90 : 2 1/2 : 0.93

Expert opinion  :  Gaziantep’s goal of successfully winning relegation in the Turkish National Championship this season has just suffered an even bigger challenge when they regrettably hung up their shirts with the minimum score. Somewhat unlucky on Antalyaspor’s field in the past match. So this was the second consecutive loss of the home team at Gaziantep Stadium within a week when they lost by a margin of up to 2 goals to Başakşehir FK at home in the previous match. Since the beginning of 2024 until now, strategist Marius Sumudica’s team has shown disappointing results, only succeeding in singing a triumph once in the last 11 appearances in the Premier League. National Championship.

This series of disappointing results has put Gaziantep in an even greater challenge in Gaziantep’s goal of successfully winning relegation in the Turkish National Championship this season because at this time the team is the winner. Strategist Marius Sumudica fell to 18th place on the overall table, facing the risk of relegation after 5 consecutive seasons of fighting in the Turkish National Championship. In the upcoming match, Gaziantep will play at home and the huge challenge for Marius Sumudica and his team is to welcome Besiktas.

But the results of previous matches between the two clubs did not support Gaziantep. Besiktas is the opponent that Gaziantep has regrettably exposed in 9 out of 14 matches against each other so far, not even winning 6 recent matches in a row. Remember that the last time they competed against each other was in the first leg of this season, which took place at the end of October last year when Gaziantep had a regrettable gap of up to 2 goals at Besiktas Stadium.

For Besiktas, this is a season that also received many unconvincing results for them. Besiktas is currently ranked 4th on the overall table and has completely run out of opportunities to compete for the top 2 positions as they are far behind Galatasaray and Fenerbahce with huge gaps of 32 and 27 points respectively. point. Besiktas’ unconvincing results have been shown clearly in the fact that the home team at Tüpraş Stadyum is experiencing its 5th strategist since the beginning of the season, strategist Fernando Santos at the present time.

Gaziantep vs Besiktas odds

Of course, compared to an opponent that is still receiving a lot of comprehensive crisis results like Gaziantep, Besiktas is still a club with formidable strength. They have also regrettably only hung their shirts in 1 out of 7 matches since Fernando Santos became the team’s strategist, and have been successful and unbeaten in all 3 recent trips to their opponent’s field, including won 2 matches. The goal of Besiktas’s triumphant success is therefore the most likely possibility in the upcoming appearance. Choose the upper side of Besiktas with odds of -1/2 left for the Asian handicap.

Statistics show that in all 5 past appearances and 8 out of 9 total appearances of Besiktas, the final total score after 90 minutes of ball rolling is 2 goals or less. Strategist Fernando Santos’ team only succeeded in scoring 4 goals in all 5 recent matches on their opponent’s field. With Gaziantep, 5 out of the past 6 appearances of this club in domestic tournaments could not exceed the 2 1/2 goal mark.


Gaziantep: full force

Besiktas: full force


Prediction: 0-2

Choose:  Besiktas

Over/Under: Under 


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